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  • Help customers choose right products
  • Increase conversion rate of your forms
  • Collect and score leads
  • Automate sales proces
  • Tweak forms and settings anytime
  • Save money by not paying IT specialists for any of this

How Can Chatbot Daddy Help You

"We use chatbots to recommend products, collect and qualify leads, subscribe to newsletters and sales automation. Chatbot Daddy even sends email notifications and auto-uploads leads into our CRM.

Conversational forms increase engagement and conversion rates and let us stand out from the crowd. Even boring forms can become exciting.

A big bonus — No need to call IT support every time we need to tweak a form. Embed it into a web page once, then completely manage it from the Chatbot Daddy app."

Matt, founder of Chatbot Daddy

But wait. There are many other ways you can use chatbots. Make a personal conversational web site, a problem solving wizard or an onboarding tour. Your creativity is the limit.

Simple, Friendly And Free Chatbot Builder

Building chatbots is too complicated. Not anymore — we fixed it. We put you, the script writer into the driver's seat. Powerfull functionality is at your disposal at the tap of a finger.

We give you one chatbot for free to test and experiment.

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Daddy Code For The Win

We recommend building your chatbot in our Visual builder. But underneath is the real deal — human-readable code inspired by markdown. Create, share or sell chatbot templates in a form of text files.

No other chatbot builder gives you this much flexibility. Not even close.


Intuitive Chatbot Builder

Build chatbots just like Word documents in our friendly chatbot editor. No coding skills required.

Seamless Embed Anywhere

Build a chatbot and use it right away on a standalone Chatbot Daddy URL. Or embed it into any web page.

Connect To Apps You Use

Subscribe users to newsletters, send leads to a CRM, get email notification. Automate conversations and actions.

Features You Will Love


  • Visual Chatbot Builder
  • Chatbot Markup Code
  • Full Design Customization


  • Embed Into Any Web Page
  • Standalone Landing Pages
  • Chatbot Sequences

Get Results

  • Forms Email Notifications
  • Native Integrations (Pipedrive, Sendy, Mailchimp..)
  • Webhooks

One Site-Wide Bot To Rule Them All

One chatbot with different introductions, depending on page content? Or multiple bots linked one to another? Yes, you can! Say hello to chatbot sequences.

Testimonials From The Future

What We Hope You'll Be Saying Soon..

I am creating chatbots for different kinds of clients.

Chatbot Daddy is a perfect alternative to create something that looks great, is engaging and still captures leads as you want it to.

Mark Rufus
Fabbulous Agency Owner

I was trying to make job interviews fast, easy and enjoyable.

Chatbot Daddy's chatbots are fast, enjoyable and people find them more exciting than traditional forms.

Johana Reynley
Chief Headhunter Asterix

Chatbot Daddy bot builder is unparalleled in its ease of use.

I can automate lead qualification and generation with personalized and powerful forms. It saves tons of time and automates boring and low-value activities.

Max Tengmark
Good Boy Media

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